Given its very close proximity, the Highlander has long been linked with the Buggane of St Trinian.

For many years Tim's Thimble and scissors ( see below ) had pride of place in the Highlander. Today, they are on display ( to Very Important People Only ) in the IOM Breweries offices.

Once a group of monks found a meadow off the road on Greeba Mountain, that they decided would be a good place build the church of St. Trinian. They decided this without the knowledge of the Buggane that lived there. The Buggane would have nothing of the noise a church would bring, with its constantly ringing bells. So whenever the people of Greeba finished building the church, the Buggane would collapse the roof. This happened again, and the people of Greeba knew the Buggane had something to do with it, but had no idea how to stop him. However, they tried building a third roof anyway.

It was at this time, a brave but slightly poor tailor made a bet to stay in the church the night they finished building it, and to make a pair of pants as well! This wager was taken up eagerly as people figured if the roof stayed on for just one night it would stay put forever.

That night as Timothy, the tailor was in the church, he stitched the breeches as quickly as possible, hoping to win the bet, and to earn himself some money after the night was over. It was while he muttered skeptically about the Buggane, that the ground beneath him began to rumble, and the disgusting creature, with red eyes, shining tusks, and coarse black hair, pulled itself from under the church, and asked, “what business has thou here?”

Tim paid no attention though, and kept on threading knowing he had no time to lose. Then the Buggane asked him, “Do you see this big head of mine?”

This time, Timothy paid the slightest attention and mockingly said yes. This went on and on, the Buggane slowly pulling itself from the ground, asking the tailor if he saw the danger he was in. Tim replied yes each time, and just kept sewing, as he had little time to waste. Finally, before the buggane could pull his last cloven foot from the ground Timothy had finished the pair of breeches, and quickly gathered his stuff, and ran. He was scarcely outside the church when the roof came crashing down, and the Buggane still chasing after him. Timothy knew the only safe place was at the Marown church, and he sped there with all haste. After jumping over its walls, the Buggane could do nothing to chase in after him. In a fit of rage, the Buggane ripped off its own head with its two arms and hurled it at Timothy in the church’s courtyard. The head burst with a terrible explosion, and the Buggane promptly disappeared. Amazingly the tailor wasn’t hurt, and had a pair of breeches as well, so he could win the bet. No one even complained about the few long stitches in the pants.

As for the church, it has no name but Keeill Vrisht – Broken Church – because the roof was never replaced.