A popular night out is this family-run restaurant offering an imaginative menu and real fire. The Rough Guide

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With the quality of fresh Manx produce gaining plaudits well beyond our shores the Highlander has taken the bold step of re-branding itself as a Steakhouse based both on its reputation for fine steaks and its faith in the consistent high quality of locally sourced beef.

The Highlander Restaurant, which occupies the perfect location close to the Island's geographical centre already has a loyal following, and has proved the restaurant of choice for many visiting celebrities including the likes of David Bowie, Guy Ritchie and David Jason to name but a few. Very much a family business it has been developed and nurtured by owner Norma Sheard for the past ten years. As the hospitality industry grapples with comings and goings of culinary fashion, Norma has decided the time is right to tap into the growing resurgence of traditional fayre: ‘We have long had a reputation for the quality of our freshly prepared, hand-cut steaks, which have stood the test of time as a favoured choice among our customers. We are delighted by the consistent quality of Manx meat and have decided to literally stake our reputation on what we know we do well.'

As the Highlander approaches its 150th anniversary as a licensed premises the re-branding exercise will be more evolution that revolution ensuring the Highlander’s cosy, traditional ambience is unaffected.  The menu will also reflect the quality of other local produce including seafood, for which the restaurant is justifiably renowned, and the surroundings will retain their olde world charm: 'The last thing we want to do is damage our existing, substantial customer base, it's more a case of pinning our colours firmly to the mast of freshly prepared, perfectly cooked traditional comfort food,' explained Norma.  It reflects a growing confidence and pride in both Manx produce and Manx heritage. Norma Sheard believes businesses should no longer be afraid to demonstrate their faith in things Manx: 'We are proud of our cuisine and make no mistake we are seriously committed to producing food to rival the best you would find anywhere. The fact that we can package that with traditional Manx hospitality in welcoming, historic surroundings is a source of great pride to us.'